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What we do:
1Pez Impactful Websites is the premium provider for eCommerce starter stores. We are here to save you time, energy, effort and money by completing all of the steps associated with starting a new online business.

1Pez Llc, registered in the US, specializes in creating eCommerce starter stores for new and experienced entrepreneurs – helping you kickstart or reinforce your ecommerce ambitions.
How it works:
  • Step 1: Order a prebuilt 1Pez Impactful business for sale in your favourite niche Step
  • 2: 1Pez Impactful Websites will build a beautiful, responsive and professional store Step
  • 3: Your store will be transferred to you with 100% ownership, a support pack and premium support to get you started Step
  • 4: Send targeted traffic to your store to make sales
About me...

I am Ed Make, the founder of 1Pez Impactful Websites. I started my first online business in 1991, selling homemade html custom websites - winning a Small Business and Enterprise competition in the process, judged by Bank Atlantic, then went on to speak at a BellSouth University conference about the importance of learning entrepreneurship in schools the same year.

From that moment on, I was hooked on online entrepreneurship and have been starting and selling businesses in the 30 years since.

As always, we are super-approachable so please let us know if you have any questions at all?

Ed Make

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